SPINTSO S1 Pro Referee Watch with GPS

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The smartest referee clock in the world has become even smarter!

Let us introduce to the new and improved SPINTO S1 Pro GPS Referee Watch. SPINTSO have listened to referees from different sports to make the watch as versatile as possible. It is long awaited that you can of course also charge the watch via USB

The watch has GPS function, blood pressure monitor, heart rate function, pedometer and all our appreciated features from the old models that we maintain - but in a more modern version.

The vibration at start and stop as well as during game breaks and end of the game is of course maintained. This means that you as a referee do not need a second watch in the game, in everyday life or during training.

When the match function is activated, the touch screen is locked and you use the one-button control to start / pause / stop a match. As a result, the screen is not affected by rain or moisture, a great advantage that we noticed when testing the watch. On our old model, hold down the button for a few seconds to stop the time. Instead, press the same button twice on this new model to pause or end the game faster. This is also a new feature that we have captured through user tests to make it easier for the referee.

During the game
One-button control, vibration indicator. You don't have to worry that the watch won't work in rain or humidity - when the game starts, the touchscreen will be locked.

Two pro and one youth modes
• Individual and configurable game settings
• Presented in the classic Spintso design, where you can see three watches in one. Music box that countdowns down, a clock that shows the extra time, and a clock that shows the total time

Youth mode
• In youth games, goals are scored more often and in this mode you can score goals for each team directly in the watch. You can track the score more easily

Outside of a game
• Interval training
• Training program
• Messages notifications from your phone
• App notifications
• Running, cycling, walking and other activities with GPS and heart rate function
• Pedometer

Spintso app
Connect your Spintso Referee Watch S1 Pro to our app! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Search for "Spintso Watch", download and install.

App features
• See in a map view where and how you ran during the game
• Track your activities
• View your steps and heart rate for the day or get an overview of your activity
• Track your training session, such as the last running session, and see distance, altitude, calories, heart rate monitor and more
• Get an overview of your sleep and blood pressure
• Event log - registers all activities when you press the button during the game, and you can see in which minute of play you stopped the clock

Hardware features
• Complete GPS that enables fast and accurate tracking
• Heart rate monitor
• Blood pressure monitor
• Pedometer
• Activity tracking and training programs
• Message reminder
• App notifications

Charging time - 2 hours to charge 100%.
Battery life:
10-15 days on standby
3-4 days with regular use

The world's smartest referee watch has become even smarter.