RefSflags PRO

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RefStuff RefSflags PRO Referee Flags (pair) Assistant Referee Flags. 

For an Assistant Referee to carry out his or her duties it’s essential they come prepared and equipped with the proper quality equipment.

The RefSflags PRO Assistant Referee Flags are highly visible and come with a RefStuff branded carry case to keep them in good condition.

The handle is made of durable all weather easy to grip textured plastic, and features an excellent swivel technique action mechanism which prevents the flag wrapping around the handle, and also a lockable handle stick topper.

The raised Pro Flag Logo and thumb grip notch on the handle creates a convoluted surface to boost your grip, with a fantastic textured finish with enhanced durability.

The flags themselves are illuminous yellow and orange checks and are attached securely onto the flag handle shaft by hidden velcro.

The sticks feature a unique squeeze release mechanism to allow you to easily remove your flags to be able to wash them after every game, thus preserving their crispness and cleanliness.

RefSflags PRO measure 44cm x 30cm and 55cm is the length of the handle and stick, weighing only 135g each.

These Assistant Referee Flags really are the best in the business!