Electronic Buzzer Flags

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Our rechargeable electronic buzzer flags are the ideal flags for assistant referees. They are designed to improve communication of key incidents. No need for batteries!!

- 1 Hour of charging gives around 20 hours of use
- All three rechargeable items can be charged at the same time using the supplied power supply unit and its 3-line USB adaptor.
- 4 sound levels: from silent to loud.
- Vibrations/sound can be altered for each flag to diffentiate between assistants.

Set Content:
- 2 electronic buzzer flags for assistant referees
- 1 receiver unit for referee with an arm straps built for ultimate comfort.
- 1 power supply unit and USB adaptor
- 1 carry-case


How should I charge the flags and the reciever unit?

The electronic flags and the reciever unit can be recharged simultaneously with the supplied power supply unit and the USB adaptor. Make sure to observe the correct voltage indicated on the supplied power supply unit.

How much time do I need to recharge the flag kit?

For a complete recharge, the reciever unit and the flags must be recharged for approximately 1 hour for a theoretical battery life of 20 hours.